Why do children with cerebral palsy need special wheelchairs

Children with special needs, as well as ordinary children, aspire to explore this world and become independent as soon as possible. Vast variety of strollers and wheelchairs are constructed specifically for them.
It is necessary to determine their needs and features, in order to maintain comfortable mobility.
Special devices will help to fit the model individually for a small patient. Choosing the stroller, the most important factor is the level of child’s activity limitation. Remember, the body should be properly fixed and there must be enough space for active motions if necessary.
The size of the stroller depends on such parameters as: width, height, seat depth, height of the backrest and armrests. When it comes to choose a stroller for a child with cerebral palsy, fixing devices are essential. In case when a small patient has legs crossing – the wheelchair should be equipped with an abductor. If the child doesn’t keep the balance in a sitting position – there must be special device with lateral supports and fixing inguinal straps. The child, that constantly leans forward, needs a stroller with a breast belt.
These strollers should have main and lateral supports, backrest with the tilt angle adjustment, safety belts on shoulder and waist, foot abductor.

Why do children with cerebral palsy need special strollers?

Only specially designed devices will allow a child with cerebral palsy to sit in proper position and have free blood circulation and normal functioning of body organs. Choosing a children stroller, it is necessary to take into consideration the health factors, medical parameters and the lifestyle of the small patient.

Tips on how to choose a child’s stroller:

Choose the width of the seat and the height of the backrest carefully, depending on the height and weight of the child;
Pay attention to the frame, since a sturdy one will be more durable and stable than lighter version;
Pay attention to the stroller’s tires. They can be non inflatable or pneumatic. Both have their pros and cons so the tires choice will depend on specific conditions of exploitation.

When choosing a child’s stroller, you need to pay special attention to:
1) the depth of the stroller’s seat, it should be possible to adjust it as the child grows;
2) the tilt angle of the backrest – adjustable angle of the backrest allows the child to take a comfortable position and, for an instance, to have a rest;
3) the way of folding a stroller, its transportation and storage;
4) equipment – the presence of fixing straps, abductor, headrest, limiter handle, front wheel locker, hood and cover against rain and sun;
5) structure – light and stable , high-quality and joyful design will bring pleasure to you and your child;
6) wheels – freely swiveled, the front wheels of the stroller are equipped with blockers, which allow them to be conveniently used on various uneven surfaces;
7) footrests – height adjustable footrests will be much more convenient;
8) the presence of a belt – safety belt protects the child from falling out.
In addition, you need to choose a stroller, taking into consideration the possibilities of its moving, folding, mobility and transportation.