Tips for choosing a wheelchair

Choosing a wheelchair, it is essential to consider the weight of a person as the main parameter. If the weight is more than 100 kg,  you will need a wheelchair with a reinforced frame. The lightweight one will not withstand such load and there will be difficulties with moving.

Another parameter that needs to be considered is the volume of the patient’s pelvis and the width of the wheelchair itself. The standard one has a seat size from 43 to 46 cm. If a person sitting in such  chair is thin and skinny,  he needs to select the seat individually, otherwise his back will not be fixed enough. This will lead to additional problems with the spine.

Overweight patients also need individual choice of seats. After all, if a person is squeezed in a wheelchair, it will lead to problems with blood circulation of legs, arthrosis of the joints, thrombosis and varicose veins.

One of the important parameter to choose a right wheelchair is its full width. It must pass freely through all available doorways and stairs.

If there is no ramps in the house where disabled person lives or  elevator is often broken, weight is essential when it comes to choose the wheelchair. It is desirable to be lightweight, maneuverable and easy-to-use.