How to choose a wheelchair?

Wheelchair is a necessary part of everyday life for people with disabilities . It facilitates the moving difficulties and gives more opportunities. The main ruquirements that the wheelchairs should meet are comfort and convenience.

After all, their main function is to simplify and facilitate the lives of people with limited capabilities, and not to add complications.

When choosing a wheelchair, you must necessarily take into consideration the features of the patient and environmental factors. It is desirable that the wheelchair matches the parameters of the person for whom the wheelchair was chosen. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the width of seat; the depth of seat; leg length, seat height, forearm height, backrest height. It is important to mind the weight of a person when choosing a wheelchair, as it will help to avoid many inconveniences.

Choosing wheelchairs, remember that they are designed to give more opportunities to people with activity limitations. Correctly chosen wheelchairs facilitate moving and prevent rubbing and friction of  body parts with the side walls. But improper one can cause injury, secondary deformation and additional disability, as well as other irreversible complications.