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The company’s history began in 2009. The chiefs of the enterprise purchased the equipment for manufacturing adult and children orthopedic footwear in Ternopil and Lviv.

In 2012  the company expands and moves into a larger room at Luchakivskoho street, 6 which has a prosthetics workshop with the best specialists in the field.

In May 2013, the enterprise started its activities in providing disabled people with wheelchairs of Polish production, using the components of the “MBL Poland” company (Poland). Therefore, it started a large-unit assembly of the wheelchairs.

The achievement of 2014 was the beginning of production of children wheelchairs CHILD 1. Communication with parents, their advices and persistence of craftsmen helped to create a stroller that meets all European standards.

Our company produces prosthetic and orthopedic products: prostheses of the upper and lower limbs, bandages, orthopedic insoles, textile corsets, individual splints, apparatuses. We use only high-quality materials that have been certified and tested.

The enterprise develops and works intensively to achieve high quality of its products. In 2015 the company worked on new children stroller , using the components from Poland and EU countries. CHILD 2 and CHILD 3 strollers combine all the necessary parameters and features that simplify their usage. Removable seat of CHILD 2 stroller allows to change the child’s position facing the attendant person and CHILD 3 has got an entirely new folding system (there is a possibility of “cane” folding , which facilitates transportation and usage significantly). Manufacturer introduced 6 new colors of upholstery and frame. Parents of children with special needs have a choice among three strollers with different functionality and design. The company also improved CHILD 1 stroller, particularly seat system, footrests, tilt angle adjustment of the backrest and the hood.

The main achievement of 2016 is an increase of wheelchair range for adults and teenagers. The company started cooperation with “MEDORT” holding, specifically with the Polish firm “MDH”.

“Forward-Orto” enterprise is the exclusive representative of “MEYRA” company in Ukraine. In 2017, seven new products of  “MEYRA” company were certified. They can be obtained free of charge on a referral basis from the  Labour and Social Welfare Department.

In 2017 the company opened a new building on Hetmana Ivana Vyhovskoho street, 26, office 16, which is more spacious and has higher production capacity. The enterprise acquired a new equipment of “Ottobock” company, in particular a 3D scanner in order to take precise measurements and to manufacture the perfect product.

For better customer service and to maintain availability of prosthetic and orthopedic products and rehabilitation equipment, representative offices were opened in many Ukrainian cities. The pride of the company in 2016 was the opening of four representative offices in Mukachevo, Rivne, Kharkiv and Lutsk. In 2017 the representative offices were opened in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kherson, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyy, Kamyanets-Podilskyy and Kyiv.

The aim of our company is your comfort!