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Department of labor and social welfare or a person with special needs himself (or his representative) can send the referral.

You need to address specialist in your local department of labor and social welfare, to give them copies of documents (there you will be informed which ones), then the  specialist sign up and send the referral to the manufacturer of the wheelchair.

Yes, we have active wheelchairs: Wheelchair ONE Meyra Ortopedia, Wheelchair VCWK 9AS MDH.

What is the overall width of the wheelchair including the wheels?
Model SWC-50: width of the seat +24 cm
Model SWC: width of the seat + 21,5 cm
Model AWC: width of the seat + 22 cm
Model CHILD 1: 58.5 cm.

The warranty period for AWC, SWC, SWC-350 and CHILD 1 is 1 year.

Yes, it’s possible, but only for children stroller CHILD 1. You may choose color of the frame (black, blue, pink, cream) and color of the upholstery (grey-blue, grey-pink, chocolate-cream).

They are equipped with non-inflatable wheels. Children stroller has pneumatic wheels (there is a pump in a kit).

All the universal wheelchairs can be folded and unfolded with the cross-piece (the width of folded wheelchair is approximately 25-30 cm). Children stroller CHILD 1 is also foldable with special device, that allows the rear part of the frame to be lowered. Its length when folded is 58 cm.

There is no limitation of height, so it can be adjusted for different children. But if the headrest is lifted and the footrest is lowered maximally, total parameters make 130 cm. However, even higher children can use the stroller because some of them don’t use all of the stroller’s equipment.

100 kg for adult wheelchair and 50 kg for children stroller.

We didn’t set any age limitations. If you need a stroller and it match your parameters, order it. We are always ready to help you.

No payments are required.

You can mention color in a printed referral, otherwise, we will call you back when we get this document.

Yes, certainly. Our catalogue is available in every office of social welfare department.