Do pregnant women need a bandage?

Getting pregnant, we all wonder if everything is fine with the baby, if the dayly regime and food are good? We regularly visit doctor’s appointments, undergo medical testings, read about healthy nutrition for pregnant women, so we do everything right and there is nothing to worry about. But starting from the fourth month, when the tummy starts to grow faster, you may get a feeling of heaviness or pain in the back. In this case you need to to tell the doctor about it and he can advise a bandage, special belt for pregnant women.

Prenatal bandage

Application instructions:

There are following application instructions for using a pregnancy bandage . It is advisable to use a bandage if:
– the young mother has an active lifestyle;
– it is necessary to stand or walk for several hours;
– carries twins or triplets;
– if she suffers from varicose veins or spine deformation;
– it isn’t her first pregnancy;
– pathology of pregnancy.
These belts are very popular today. There is a wide range of options: prenatal, postnatal and combined. Prenatal bandage can have a shape of a belt and panties with high insert.

The right choice

It is personal choice of every young mother which one to wear . Perhaps the belt will be more suitable option, since it can be chosen and tried in the store. Besides it can be worn over the underwear, so it will stay clean for a long time and it is not necessary to wash it frequently. The belt is recommended to be worn for several hours a day, so it can be put on and removed at any time. The belt should not be tight, but fit closely to the belly and support it in order to avoid premature lowering. As a result of a properly selected belt, the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall will not stretch, as well as skin on the belly and hips. Besides, the load on internal organs and spine will decrease.

Postnatal bandage

Postnatal bandage is recommended to put on right after the childbirth, but only with the doctor’s permission, since it is not necessary for everyone. It helps to shorten the muscles of the uterus and abdomen.
Combined bandages can be worn both before and after the birth. They just should be used in proper way. Before the birth narrow part must be under the belly, after the birth – wide part. Combined bandages may seem more advantageous, but take into consideration the fact that the body may change very much. It can become thinner, or overweight and in some cases purchased goods will become useless.
Physiologically, the body of each woman is preparing for the future state from the first day of pregnancy. But do not forget to engage in special physical activities for pregnant women. These exercises are specifically designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Anyway, there are a lot of opportunities to find the right information and to be ready to solve any task. The result of such efforts will be a healthy child.